Increase of Waterfowl Abundance in Kaziranga National Park, India


  • Northern Regional Centre Zoological Survey of India Dehradun-248195 Uttarakhand
  • Bird Section, Zoological Survey of India New Alipore, Kolkata - 700 053, West Bengal



Kaziranga National Park, North-east India, Migratory birds, Waterfowls, Conservation


Kaziranga National Park is located in Assam, and garnered the attention of ornithologists and conservationists, due to a noticeable increase in the population of waterfowl in recent years. It is an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area, recognized by the Bombay Natural History Society and BirdLife International. Avifauna of the park is comprised of about 521 species, including 62 globally Threatened and Near Threatened species, making it one of the highest recorded birds in any IBA in India. According to recent census data, a total of 93,491 individuals covering 112 avian species belonging to 22 families were counted across 52 wetlands in the park. It is a remarkable increase of 175% from the previous year's count. The significant increase in the number of waterfowls and winter migratory birds visiting the park is a positive sign that the conservation efforts are having a positive impact on the park's ecosystem.


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Anil Kumar, Northern Regional Centre Zoological Survey of India Dehradun-248195 Uttarakhand





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